Back/Shoulder/Neck Massage with herbal balm

Traditional massage on shoulder/back/neck massage with herbal Balm. air-con room

Traditional Thai massage can be used on a part of the body. In that case it is an appropriate treatment to cure injured parts of the body like a leg, arm, back, neck or shoulder. You can compare this with the treatment of a physiotherapist in western countries.

The special technique of Thai massage that is based on using pressure points on the body, is the difference between Thai massage and other types. So, instead of a massage of the whole body, you can in our shop also choose for a traditional massage of a part of the body. When you suffer from a stiff neck or from stuck muscles in the shoulder and/or neck: A 'shoulder/neck/ back' massage is a useful treatment.


But also when you feel tired after a long trip in an airplane or bus/train, you can also choose for such a refreshing massage. Thai massage is given on a mat on the floor. In Shewa Spa you can also choose for a partial treatment on a special massage-chair. To cure or just to relax: we advise you to try a massage on this chair.

Back/Shoulder/Neck Massage with herbal balm

½ hr
200 Baht
1  hr
300 Baht
1½ hr
450 Baht
2  hr
550 Baht


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