Body Massage
In our shop we offer traditional Massage based on the techniques from What Po. It is based on an ancient healing art.You can not visit Thailand without having experienced this treatment.

Back Massage
Traditional Thai massage can be used on a part of the body. In that case it is an appropriate treatment to cure injured parts of the body like a leg, arm, back, neck or shoulder. You can compare this with the treatment of a physiotherapist in western countries.

Body Scrub
As described on the next pages, we have a lot of body treatments.
They can all exist of four steps: massage with special oil, cleaning/ scrubbing, sauna and bath.

Sensual Massage Program
We can offer you two different herbal massages. Herbal bodymassage and foot spa. We can give you a relaxing and healthy treatment with a bag of heated medicinal herbs. Because this is a new offer, we charge discounted prices temporarily.

Beauty Salon
Face treatment in our air-con rooms with natural products and herbs. Most of our customers, both men and women, love our treatments: Face treatment, manicure, pedicure, masks: please jump to the next page for more information!!

Waxing with hot wax to remove the hair you don't want. Our well-trained staff can help you in a special, discrete room. The prices are reasonable.